Je boter-kaas-en-eierenproject herzien

In deze les, you'll extend your Tic-Tac-Toe program from Unit 3 program to make the computer play against you.

Op deze pagina, you'll review the blocks in your previous Tic-Tac-Toe project.

  1. Open your U3L2-TicTacToe project, and save it as U5-TicTacToe so you'll still have your old version as a backup.
  2. Play part of a game, stop before finishing, and then click on each of the following blocks. Geen Afbeelding Discuss what each expression does and how its code works.
    1. Geen Afbeelding
    2. You can edit a block to remind yourself of how it works if you've forgotten.
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    4. Geen Afbeelding
    5. Geen Afbeelding
  3. Geen Afbeelding Two of these blocks report what's on the board but in different ways: status of all winning triples and board. Why do you need both of those? When do you use each of them?